Monday, January 27, 2014

ABQ: Pep Rally and Game Time!

Nothing is better than a prebowl game pep rally!
The Cougar faithful gathered at the ABQ Old Town Square.
The sea of Crimson
Fans of all walks of life who have traveled from far and wide to cheer on the Cougs!

We sang the fight song, cheered on the band and the ensuing drum-off that followed and ended the day with some delicious Southwest fair.  Although the game was a heart breaker, we held our heads high and look back at the progress we have made in Mike Leach's first years!  I for one am hoping for a bowl in Hawaii next year...

Go Cougs!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

12th man at Starbucks!!

Have you heard!
12¢ tall coffees at participating Starbucks locations around Washington State tomorrow in honor of Blue Friday!

Wear your Hawks colors and enjoy yourself 12 oz of fan excitement in anticipation of Sundays big game!  What go to dips are you making for the game?! If you are lucky enough to live in the big city, check out the Seahawks Press release Here for rallies and other discounts happening around Seattle.

 I think it is time the Husband and I whip up some Smoked Jalapeno Poppers on the Traeger,
Recipe to follow!

Now get ready to hit Starbucks in your best Seahawk gear and Go Hawks!

ABQ in a weekend

The Husband and I went bowling to end 2013.
Go Cougs!
As alumni of Washington State University, season ticket holders, CAF members, we knew it was our duty to root our Cougs on in Albuquerque as they took on the Colorado State Rams. Seriously it took me like a week to figure out how to spell that so from here out, I will refer to the ABQ!

Have an A1 day!
What does one do in ABQ, I asked myself before we planned our big journey south.  We had to do the Breaking Bad tour, stoping at the building used for A1 Car wash as well as creepily driving by The White's home for the show.  The home is actually someones home, those poor people!

Bloody Mary at Scalo, Marble Brewing Company
Our time in ABQ was also spent wetting our whistle, south west style with some delicious Southwest style chili Bloody Mary's followed by seeking out a local microbrewery.  The Marble Brewery did not disappoint.  With a nice outdoor sitting area complete with picnic tables and bowls for your pooch to cool off and sip from and an open, wood lined interior, we had an enjoyable backdrop for some afternoon vacation beers.  It is always 5 o'clock somewhere, right?  We enjoyed a limited release Pumpkin Cask Dark Ale (pictured above) as well as their IPA and sips of some creamy Oatmeal Stout.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Garden Debate: Seeds or Seedlings

Planning a garden can be a challenge.  What variety to pick?  If you plant eggplant, will your husband eat them?  When do I need to have these in the ground by?

Lets rewind and tackle the first of many big questions: Do you start your plants from seeds or do you purchase your seedlings from the store?

Why start your plants from seed in your own home?  The reasons are different for each gardener.

Tomato Seedling reaching for the light
From Seed 

Pros- More seed and variety options, You know exactly what the plant has been treated with, the joy of watching the seedlings grow and prosper.
Cons- Time, lots of time planting the seeds, transplanting seedlings, watering, 

Purchase Seedlings

Pros- Ready when you are.  Varieties (Hopefully) already selected for your climate. 
Cons- May already be exposed to blight, Mildew, other diseases.  Heirlooms may be limited

The husband and I have opted to start our seeds in our home this year.  Little lessions from 2013 will be employed to make this the most productive year to date on Holly Court!  Last year I attempted to start everything from seed in our home.  

Jalapeno Peppers
Ready to Harvest
 Ill prepared, I ran into road block after road block.  The cat laid on all my little precious baby starts, smothering all the cucumbers and carrots and squash.  We had our wedding & honeymoon extravaganza and while we were off enjoying the beach in Hawaii, our little starts took a nose dive to the grave.  That is also how we ended up with 9 jalapenos plants, one bell pepper plant and none of the other 4 varieties of peppers I had in my goal garden. Same with the 5 Cherry tomato plant and no heirlooms. You would think I would have the whole "plants need water to live" thing down by now... working in Ag and being a farmers daughter and all.   And finally, we were too cheap/busy to purchase a lamp so the seedlings that survived were spindly little guys.  I seriously didn't think they were going to make it.  BUT this year will be different!!!

My garden pinterest board is brimming with ideas, My sights are set high and I am so excited to see where 2014 will take my garden! 

 Next up: Seedling Starter Stand and Light