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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

To Canada We Go!

In Honor of my lovely friend Marisa and fellow bride to be Krista, we ventured up to Canada to have an epic double bachelorette weekend!    
Whistler, B.C.

Howe Sound on the drive up

The Drive up to Whistler was beautiful.  From Bellingham we made the quick cross over the boarder to Canada.  The drive to Whistler is simply majestic.  We had the sunroof down and were enjoying the PNW and all it had to offer.  The drive in the spring is so much different than the drive in the winter.  Waterfalls galore and the flora and fauna are out for all to see.  

Whistler still has a sparkle from the 2010 Olympics, the ski village has great restaurants and shops.  We enjoyed dancing the night away at Moe Joes the first night.  Day two rolled around and we had one thing on our minds: ADVENTURE!

So we signed up for Zip lining!
We had a blast!  We learned that when in Canada, you drink Ceasers not Bloody Mary's.
That chatting all afternoon at the Longhorn Saloon Patio near the fire can bring some of the best memories of the trip. 
And we are ready to send these lovely ladies off into married life.

PS- not to each other... as we had to explain a few too many times while in whistler...