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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Vacation Memories in Kauai

Kauai. The Garden Island.
Tunnels Beach and a view of the Na Pali Coast
Hiking up Sleeping Giant
My husband and I had the best vacation this past winter on the island of Kauai and I wanted to share it with you. My husband and I have done what I will call the "resort experience" of Hawaii, spending time on Maui for our honeymoon. Let's be real, a week at the Grand Wailea was fabulous but we couldn't really afford to do that again.

Cue AirBnB and a late night surfing dream vacation spots on Kauai. Chad and I had banked quite a few Alaska Airlines miles when paying for our wedding and going about daily life. We don't use credit as a loan but instead pay it off monthly to get some rewards. I was day dreaming about 7 days away while our budget was telling us we could afford 3 nights at the Marriott. Then I found the Epic Dome. And the dome lived up to its name!

View from the top!
The Epic Dome was easy to find after our plane ride from Seattle. There was some traffic leaving the airport but with one road around the island that is to be expected. The dome had a lovely outdoor kitchen and very private outdoor bathroom. I loved feeling like I was taking a shower in the jungle.

Poke Filled massive avocado 

The dome allowed us to unplug a bit while still having all amenities. It was such a great launching point for adventures. Being up on the hill we would look around the skyline, find some sunshine and go that way for our daily adventure. We explored Limahuli Garden, Hanalei Bay, and had delicious sashimi at the Dolphin. Tip for the Dolphin- skip the restaurant and go around back to the little store, buy some poke and head to the beach. I have never had better Ahi!

We spent a day doing some fun tourist trap type adventures, boating out to the fern wedding grotto and hiking up sleeping giant. We had fun walking down into Kapaa from the Epic Dome enjoying an espresso at Small Town Coffee in Kapaa (Thanks Sunset Magazine for the tip!) , and drinks at The Olympic Cafe to enjoy looking down over the town.  Skip the food though, there are much better (and more cost effective) places to dine.  
The hosts were great and I would recommend enjoying Kauai with the Epic Dome as a base point for anyone looking for an adventure!

We are headed to Portland later this summer, anyone have any killer AirBnB places we need to stay at??? Full us in!