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Monday, December 2, 2013

After an Apple Cup loss...

Monday morning back at work after a nice little Thanksgiving break can be rough, but the Monday after an Apple Cup loss during Thanksgiving weekend takes the cake.

Every office has that one Huskie Fan.  You know the one.  Wears that ugly purple and yellow.  Usually very obnoxious and doesnt know anything about either university. Did they even go to U of W?  No, most likely not.  The Huskie I work with made cookies to rub in their win.

Victory would have been sweet but as both teams are bowl eligible it will be exciting to see how the PAC 12 teams do in the bowls.  I for one am hoping the Cougs and Heart of Dallas Bowl bound!  Nothing would be better than packing up those cowboy boots and visiting the great state of Texas for a little Post Season Cougar Football Action! #GOCOUGS