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Monday, November 25, 2013

Recipe: Chocolate Oreo Truffles

Ok, lets be honest. We probably all have seen these chocolate truffle recipes on Pinterest.  I would also bet many of you have pinned it.  I am here to tell you: Make Them! They are the perfect winter dessert.  Bite sized and ready to be decorated and displayed!

What you need:
-1 package oreos
-1 package cream cheese
-1 package chocolate (White or dark- Your choice!)

How to:
Crumble Oreos.  Mix with cream cheese.  Roll mixture into balls.  Melt chocolate over boiler pan.  Dip balls into chocolate and let dry on some wax paper.  Top with chocolate, or sprinkles, or candy cane if you are ready for Christmas! Voila! It really is that easy!

I for one will be making these to bring for thanksgiving.  Have any go to dessert recipes?  Another bonus to these truffles- They go great with Cabernet!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Wine Country Bridal Shower

My Mother In Law and I had the pleasure of hosting a lovely bridal shower for my beautiful new cousin Kierstin.

The Beautiful Bride
The afternoon was spent noshing on desserts, spoiling the bride to be and catching up with friend and family I had not seen since... well, my wedding!   
We made all the treats from pinterest, of course.  Oreo and cheesecake truffles, raspberry shortcakes, and the amazing trout cookies made by a local woman here in the Tri Cities!  With the couples passion for fishing (Bo is a guide), the trout were the perfect Country Chic touch!

Kierstin, Grandma Arlene and Myself
Do you have any go to shower recipes?