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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Viticulture: The not-so-glamourus side of the indusrty

Everyone in the wine industry spends their time sipping wine, looking fabulous and being rock stars, right? Not always but that is what weekends are for!

Viticulture is the down and dirty of the wine industry.  Days are spent one of two ways it seems, either painted in sunscreen trying to find cool shade in the 100 degree weather of the Washington dessert or bundled up from head to two in the oh-so-stylish Carhart coat and bibs (bibs? think insulated overalls, really quite a dream when it is 25 degrees and snowing sideways.)

There are many issues and hard work that went into the grapes that have become the wonderful glass of vino you sip to celebrate or just to relax after a busy day at the office.  Farming is hard work and one must always be aware of the upcoming new pests from California or Japan that is set to land in Washington, new diseases like leaf roll and how it is transmitted in the vineyard and the ever elusive "Predicting consumer preference."  <Insert rap song about Moscado here>

Wine Spectator published great article "Moscato Mania" describing the boom in Moscado. 

As with most agricultural sectors, Viticulture has been concerned with the recent speculation and scientific studies concerning the effect of pesticides (namely Neonicotinoids) on bee populations.  Although Grapes are self-pollinating, Bees are present on the plants on the vineyard floor and must be taken into consideration when planning pest management.  The Good Fruit Grower Magazine had a great article in the May 15th issue describing the new findings and where new research is needed to protect the bees.

Upper Right: Drift pesticide damage on edges of Grape leaves
Upper Left: Beautiful Gewurztraminer inflorescence, notice the wonderful Pink tint
Lower: Oh the Irony...  YES, they are spraying certified organic pesticides but I believe most consumers would not believe me if I told them much of the organic products they purchase are sprayed. 

Speaking of 7-9% alcohol and fruity, fizzy wines, Have you tried "New Age" yet?  From Elsa Bianchi in Argentina, this wine is a great summer sipper at a great price point.  I for one cannot wait for this trend to spread! Who says wines need to be loaded with alcohol anyway?

We preferred the White to Rose but both are worth a try!
Price: $8.99  (STEAL!)