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Friday, May 13, 2016

:::Cade Winery:::Tour with a killer view

Cade Winery.  WOW.  The drive up Howell Mountain leaves the Silverado Trail and begins climbing in elevation to the hidden vineyards above.  With only 54 acres, Cade is perched with a beautiful vista to the south.  The tour includes a stroll though their ground which includes cork trees- No, they do not make the corks on site, but it is still interesting to see the trees and imagine the process.  It is also interesting that only half the Cade wines are closed with cork, the other half if all sealed under a twist top.  AND you have to purchase one of each.  

From the vineyard and cork tree grove, our tour group of about 10 people wandered through the fermentation area.  Built to be gravity fed, the area where the magic (wine) is made is dug into the hill.  Like you are standing INSIDE Howell Mountain.  Nothing better than naturally keeping the cellar at optimum temperature!  And that barrel room!

Drool.  Perfectly stacked barrels with their perfect wine stain down the center.  Did you know?  The Cade team actually removes their wine stain touch before selling their used barrels. From the barrel room we went to a long table and tasted through their offerings.  Each wine is paired with a little bit.  I was impressed the Cade team were able to change out the regular menu of small bites for a vegetarian version for me.  Many thanks!  The crackers were handmade by a team member and the fig jam was great with their Cabernets!
 Not only did we love the Cade wines but we also took home some Adaptation, the Plumpjack groups second label.  I highly suggest their Petite Syrah.  Such a great everyday wine ( and much softer on the wallet).  I would suggest Cade to anyone hoping to get away from the crowds and take in great service with a breathtaking view.  I wish we would have had more time to enjoy a glass of wine at the fireplaces tucked into their grounds.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wine to Pair with Turkey

What wines will you be serving this Turkey Day?  

Thanksgiving Day takes planning, preparation and perfect execution.  T-Minus 2 days.  Grocery lists are made, the bird is thawing and you have made your plan of attack.  But have you thought about the wine?!?!

With any other family dinner, my go to wine is usually a big red blend.  Turkey dinner, on the other hand, calls for something with a little more elegance.  Some fill the void with Pinot Noir.  In fact, we have been known to spend thanksgiving in Oregon wine country during their large thanksgiving event.  If your family pushes you over the edge this year, think of this event for 2014.  Pinot Noir goes great with turkey, there is no denying that.  But sometimes, one just needs to take a step outside the box.  Because Pinot Noir is the new Merlot, right?  And nobody wants to bring the ex-popular wine to a dinner party.

If this has you stressing out, it is ok, just open a bottle of Washington Wine and relax.  Or if you are lucky enough to live in wine country, go tasting.  Nothing is better than enjoying a glass of wine while putting together your turkey day wine plan of attack.

Thanksgiving in my household, begins with a cheese plate.  This calls for an Ancient Lakes White Riesling to pair.  I love the crisp mineral characteristics and it also pairs well with turkey if you have guests that prefer white wine.  As for reds, I will be bringing a Grenache from the Wahluke Slope AVA in Washington.  Grenache, pictured above, has nice light spice with subtle tannins.  Perfect with turkey.  

Good Luck!  and Cheers!
If all else fails- it is just wine- Drink It!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bloom, beautiful and fragrant.


We have reached my second favorite time of the year in the vineyards!  The intoxicating aroma, the tiny calyptra (Flower petals below, they are five fused petals which detach from the flower, curl a tad and fall off), the long days in the warm sun. 
The very beginning of bloom! The caps are so swollen!

Grapes are self pollinated so Bees are mostly seen in the inter row feeding on Yellow Mustard or Meadow Salsify.  

I enjoy the beauty in every stage of the vineyard, but this is very amazing.  I suggest visiting vineyards in many stages, yes when the grapes are ripe for the tasting, one loves to visit the vineyard.  But there is beauty out there all year round!