Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seahawks Sunday!

What to do with the time between Christmas and  New years. Between tackling some Pinterest projects (hello new dark stained bathroom cabinets! ) and caulking the bathrooms, our to-do list has gotten shorter while still having time to relax with a great cup of coffee.

Today we are rewarded with a night get away in Seattle courtesy of the hubs workplace. This will be my first Seahawks and NFL game and I am so excited to finally be apart of the 12th man!  I am ready to make some noise!

Dinner will also be a highlight and I cannot wait to enjoy some oyster shooters and fresh seafood. This dessert rat is so ready for some Seattle seafood.  With a low chance of rain I am certain our trip will be a ball!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Idea: DIY Coasters

 No Christmas Craft night is complete without theses easy and fun D.I.Y. Coasters!  These are quick and easy, but a great gift for a friend or co-worker!

You will need:
Mod Podge
Paint brush 
Spray Clear Glaze
Cork Tack Sheet

These items can all be found at your local craft store and look for the tile and glaze at the hardware store.

This is a simple project.  It may take 30 minutes of your time.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and lets get to it.  Apply mod podge to the tile in a thin layer.  Cut the paper, I used scrapbook paper, and place it on the tile.  Now apply two thin layers of mod podge to the paper, allowing it to dry in between layers.  Next, spary with the clear glaze, cut and attach the cork and give away!

These will be going to a special someone this holiday season!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gift Idea: DIY Candles

I am one of those people who finds gift giving to be a challenging endeavor.  I love to spend time to find that perfect gift that wont end up cluttering their home.  As I shopped this year, I felt the pull of black Friday and consumerism pulling me in like a moth to the flame.  So what do I do?  Decide to have a DIY

But what to make? My brainstorming went as such: 

I love candles. I know my mother and sister love candles, Pinterest makes candle making look easy. Lets make candles!

Candle Making is a simple process and you can find the ingredients easily online or at your local craft store.  Make sure to use those coupons, craft stores in my area had outrageous prices on soy wax and only sold in small quantities. Links to the Amazon products I used can be seen below.  You will also need wicks, containers and if you would like a scented candle, essential oils. 

I have Amazon Prime and had these on my doorstep two days after ordering! Booya!
I love pinching pennies and found some cute jars and cups at my local second hand store.  6 jars for less than 12 bucks? Awesome!

How To Make Candles
Step 1 Melt The Wax
There are many methods you can use he, I used the Plastic Baggie Method.  Put wax bits into a plastic sandwich baggie and sprinkle your essential oil of choice, or mix a few together, the strength of the fragrance is up to you!  
Meanwhile, have a pot of water heating on the stove.  The water should be hot, but not boiling.  The wax melts at 125 degrees so i simply filled a sandwich bag with the soy wax, held the baggie in the water until the wax became clear liquid then took it out of the water.  Do not leave unattended while heating wax.  It is key to watch the process to be sure the plastic bag doesn't melt.

Step 2 Fill Container & Set Wick
Pour hot wax into container, set wick and let cool!  If you have difficulty placing the wick, allow the candle to cool 3 minutes, the wax on the bottom of the container will be starting to cool and will become tacky and allow the wick to stand as it should.  After the candle is cool trim the wick, wrap with a bow and give!

As you change fragrances, you can simply use a new baggie.  When done, clean up is a breeze.  Dump water, throw away plastic baggie, light candle and open a bottle of wine, you are done and ready for gift giving!!!

What DIY Gifts will you be giving this year?
Amazon links-

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Neighborhood Cheer!

Lights! Camera! Action!

December is here!  In my book, the first of December marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season.  Time to breakout the Christmas decor and make a game plan for the lights.  I love a seasonally decorated home and nothing starts off the holidays like twinkling lights on the eves of our home.  (Shame on those of you who started early, November is for Turkeys and fall.  Leave the green and red to its rightful month, people!)
The Husband and I have set our game plan.  We are opting for large white circular LED lights in soft white, keeping it classic.  I have never been an icicle lights fan or one for the flashing, bright colored lights some love.  I may go wild and turn the columns by the front door into red and white light striped candy canes, we will see.

How do you prefer your Christmas lights?

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Traditions

Each family has their own holiday traditions that make this time of year special.  As  newlyweds, the husband and I are blending our traditions while making new ones that we enjoy.

This holiday season, we will make cookies.  We will watch "Its a Beautiful Life" and every other Jimmy Stewart movie. Probably more than once.  We will load up into the car and drive around town looking at Christmas lights.  We will enjoy a mug or three of Milk Punch, a Hulbert Family tradition, even if we will be with the Lybeck side for the holidays this year.  Time always flies, how do you make sure to fit in all of your holiday traditions?

We are fortunate to have some neighbors who really take the outdoor lights Christmas Displays to a whole new level.  Each year we have to stop by the Senske lawn display, find the craziest display in our neighborhood and end the night by finding the above WSU house and singing along to the fight song as it play through the car radio. Go Cougs!  All while cozy in our car, seat warmers on high, PJs on with our very matchy matchy Ugg slippers.  Perfection.

There are also those family traditions that the hubs and I have decided to nix from the list.  Gone are the days of driving to see every family member in the area (my family tradition).  Gone are the matching jammies, sweaters, or socks for the whole family to wear on Christmas Eve (also my side... we will see if this one reappears when we expand our family).  Speaking of, those elf on the shelf ideas floating around pinterest sure have me looking forward the distant future when we add that to our tradition list.  I dont think the hubs would appriciate that crazy lil elf.

And on the topic of little elves, I think Louie our little pup would be pretty cute dressed like one =]

I'm off to go deck the halls!

Monday, December 2, 2013

After an Apple Cup loss...

Monday morning back at work after a nice little Thanksgiving break can be rough, but the Monday after an Apple Cup loss during Thanksgiving weekend takes the cake.

Every office has that one Huskie Fan.  You know the one.  Wears that ugly purple and yellow.  Usually very obnoxious and doesnt know anything about either university. Did they even go to U of W?  No, most likely not.  The Huskie I work with made cookies to rub in their win.

Victory would have been sweet but as both teams are bowl eligible it will be exciting to see how the PAC 12 teams do in the bowls.  I for one am hoping the Cougs and Heart of Dallas Bowl bound!  Nothing would be better than packing up those cowboy boots and visiting the great state of Texas for a little Post Season Cougar Football Action! #GOCOUGS

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wine to Pair with Turkey

What wines will you be serving this Turkey Day?  

Thanksgiving Day takes planning, preparation and perfect execution.  T-Minus 2 days.  Grocery lists are made, the bird is thawing and you have made your plan of attack.  But have you thought about the wine?!?!

With any other family dinner, my go to wine is usually a big red blend.  Turkey dinner, on the other hand, calls for something with a little more elegance.  Some fill the void with Pinot Noir.  In fact, we have been known to spend thanksgiving in Oregon wine country during their large thanksgiving event.  If your family pushes you over the edge this year, think of this event for 2014.  Pinot Noir goes great with turkey, there is no denying that.  But sometimes, one just needs to take a step outside the box.  Because Pinot Noir is the new Merlot, right?  And nobody wants to bring the ex-popular wine to a dinner party.

If this has you stressing out, it is ok, just open a bottle of Washington Wine and relax.  Or if you are lucky enough to live in wine country, go tasting.  Nothing is better than enjoying a glass of wine while putting together your turkey day wine plan of attack.

Thanksgiving in my household, begins with a cheese plate.  This calls for an Ancient Lakes White Riesling to pair.  I love the crisp mineral characteristics and it also pairs well with turkey if you have guests that prefer white wine.  As for reds, I will be bringing a Grenache from the Wahluke Slope AVA in Washington.  Grenache, pictured above, has nice light spice with subtle tannins.  Perfect with turkey.  

Good Luck!  and Cheers!
If all else fails- it is just wine- Drink It!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Recipe: Chocolate Oreo Truffles

Ok, lets be honest. We probably all have seen these chocolate truffle recipes on Pinterest.  I would also bet many of you have pinned it.  I am here to tell you: Make Them! They are the perfect winter dessert.  Bite sized and ready to be decorated and displayed!

What you need:
-1 package oreos
-1 package cream cheese
-1 package chocolate (White or dark- Your choice!)

How to:
Crumble Oreos.  Mix with cream cheese.  Roll mixture into balls.  Melt chocolate over boiler pan.  Dip balls into chocolate and let dry on some wax paper.  Top with chocolate, or sprinkles, or candy cane if you are ready for Christmas! Voila! It really is that easy!

I for one will be making these to bring for thanksgiving.  Have any go to dessert recipes?  Another bonus to these truffles- They go great with Cabernet!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Go, Fight Win! Go Cougs!

I for one am SO EXCITED to be heading to Pullman this weekend to watch the Washington State University Cougars take on University of Utah!

Must win for bowl eligibility.
Big game for recruit visits
Pullman in November... There is no snow in the forecast but temps in the 30s 


::Thankful Thursday::

November.  A month to count ones blessings, big and small.

Today I am thankful for my family, the one I was born into and the one who has welcomed me these past few years. 
Right after I became a Lybeck!
I am thankful for my loving husband who is my support and partner in crime.

I am thankful for my health and for the joy I have found in Hot Yoga these past few weeks.

I am thankful Louie joined our lives this year, he puts a smile on my face and gives me a great reason to get out of bed and enjoy a walk before work.

Lastly, I am thankful to have a career I enjoy! Nothing better than finishing a day of work with a glass of wine your hard work has created.  Satisfaction at its finest.

What are you Thankful for?

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Wine Country Bridal Shower

My Mother In Law and I had the pleasure of hosting a lovely bridal shower for my beautiful new cousin Kierstin.

The Beautiful Bride
The afternoon was spent noshing on desserts, spoiling the bride to be and catching up with friend and family I had not seen since... well, my wedding!   
We made all the treats from pinterest, of course.  Oreo and cheesecake truffles, raspberry shortcakes, and the amazing trout cookies made by a local woman here in the Tri Cities!  With the couples passion for fishing (Bo is a guide), the trout were the perfect Country Chic touch!

Kierstin, Grandma Arlene and Myself
Do you have any go to shower recipes?  


Monday, November 4, 2013

.::2013::. Garden in Review

It is that time of the year in Wasington wine country. Harvest is coming to an end.  There is a chill to the air.  The first frost has made the vineyards and orchards start to drop their leaves. And that same first frost has made it quite apparent that it is time to take down the garden and make plans for next year

 It is a time to review the past year.  What was a success?  What has the opportunity to improve?  Each year around this time I clean up the garden, remove the annuals, and review the bounty 2013 has given us.
Cherry Tomatoes soon to be pico de gallo
Year 1 in the Holly House. We got married. We honeymooned in Maui. I started a new job.
The garden is definitely in need of some TLC.

Spicy garden haul
This year was the first I started all our plants from seeds.  I had high hopes with many starts going...then we were gone for 2 weeks of wedding/honeymoon madness and the poor little plants did not take well to being cared for by my mother-in-law.  We ended up having roma and cherry tomatoes, along with  many (ok 12...seriously we had them coming out of our ears) jalapeño peppers.
We had one lonely bell pepper plant that Louie ripped out. Bummer.
Garlic pickled jalapeno rings
With the huge amount of jalapeños, we decided to pickle some.
Best. Decision. Ever.
I got to break out the mandalin we got as a wedding gift, and after 6 weeks of waiting we have been loving our little pickled rings.  Nachos are on a whole new level in this household!

I am designing some improvements, are you?
What is your favorite garden veggie?

Mark my words, by 2014 I will have grown my own cucumbers and not have to buy from the store to make pickles!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feature: Nordstrom Wedding Blog

I am so excited to announce The Nordstrom Wedding Blog has featured Our(!!!) wedding! 

Photography by Sara Welch Photography

I loved my experience at the Nordstrom Wedding Suite at the Flagship store. 
My stylist Chelsea was amazing.
My dress fit like a glove,
It was perfect.

Photography by Sara Welch Photography

And so were my bridesmaids dresses.
Donna Morgan also from Nordstrom!
Check it out!  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Happenings

The Husband and I spent this past weekend having loads of fun with friends and family.

Some good friends from our college days back at WSU came into town & we headed out wine tasting!
There is nothing better than sipping some new vino, talking about what is going on in each others lives and reconnecting.

Tasting at Bookwalter Winery, Richland WA

We were short on time and decided to taste around the Queensgate wineries in Richland.  The area has three wineries all within walking distance, Bookwalter, Barnard Griffon, and Tagaris.

We enjoyed the reserve list at Barnard Griffon and took home some Reserve Chardonnay and some Syrah Port style wine for the holidays.  At Bookwalter, we enjoyed the red wine list.  We finished the day with some killer pizza from Brickhouse in West Richland.  Seriously what is better than pizza after tasting?!  SO good.  

That evening we attended Chad's cousin Bo's wedding to the beautiful Kierstin!  Being a guest at a wedding is so relaxing!  To think that 6 months earlier I Chad and I were the ones walking down the isle... Time flies!  It was great to celebrate the Lybecks and see family that had traveled from all around.  Plus I got a chance to wear this fun gown from Nordstrom and dance the night away!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lunch fit for a King

...Or 50 Cellar rats working 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week!

Each week a member of Wahluke Wine Company makes lunch for the whole crew, cellar workers, the maintanace crew, Bottle line, office and viticulture staff and any roaming winemakers.
Lunch for 50, no easy task! And boy can these guys and gals eat!

I chose to prepare America's Test Kitchen Baked Ziti.
Thick noodles, White and red sauce, cheese on top of cheese. I knew they would LOVE this dish.

Cheesy, cheesy goodness. 

6 Trays of Baked Ziti, 4 loafs of garlic bread, 6 bags of salad
4 Hours of preparing
3 Hours of cooking 
30 Minutes of Silence at lunch... Priceless

This was actually my first time preparing Ziti on my own, although I have had this recipe at my parents house many times.  Some may call me crazy, but I like to think I am ambitious.  I followed my father lead and added a little extra Mozzarella, a little more cheese never hurt anyone.  Post Ziti kitchen looks like a red bomb went off but this is totally worth all the dishes!  The Ziti comes together easily.

I like to get as much as I can out of a dish like! When making Baked Ziti for just C and myself, I use two 8 inch square pans and am able to have not only dinner and left overs, but a whole pan in the freezer for unexpected guests or when I don't what to cook!  What is better than that???  

What are your favorite recipies to cook for a crowd?
Have any that were great on a small scale but was an epic fail when done for many mouths?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October in Wine Country

The month harvest is in full swing here in the Columbia Valley.
Apples are being plucked from their trees,
Grapes are being transported to the winey, 
There is a feeling of accomplishment in the air as the fruits of this years labor are off to market.

Fall colors on the Wahluke Slope are in full force.  Trees are dropping their leaves.  The vineyards are turning golden and orange with some red sprinkled throughout the long rows.

What signifies fall for you?  

For myself, fall begins in late summer when a certain virus in wine grapes turns the leaves from healthy and thriving green to the beautiful but problematic red.  It sure is beautiful, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tutorial: Grapevine Wreath

Once the grapes are harvested, I love to find uses for the lovely shoots.

This fall wreath was quick to put together, looks great and adds a touch of fall.
Plus I know I can adjust the decor for seasons to come! Score!

What You Need-

  • Grapevine
  • Pruning Shears
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Decor of your choice!

To Make Wreath-

  1. Cut shoots post harvest. leave pleanty of buds for next year and remove only from vigorus areas
  2.  Remove any leaves and stems from the shoot
  3.  Twist shoots together, Working to tuck the ends into the loops of the other shoots
  4.  Continue to work shoot, twisting them into the wreath.  Add until desired thickness.

The green shoots are more malleable, they will become brown as they dry out.
I added some burlap and linen rosettes.
I found the tutorial from Pinterest
Secure with a hot glue gun, add cloth for a bow and hang!