Friday, May 20, 2016

Rich Reds with Januik Winery

OK OK I am going to start this off by admitting I am partial to Januik wines.

Januik Winery Weinbau Vineyard Cabernet Franc
 Not only because I work with the vines that become his wines.  Not just because I know Mike Januik ran Chateau Ste Michelle Wine Estates before embarking on his own project. not because I know Miguel Rodriguez, whom I work with at Weinbau, gives all he has got to these grapes.  All of these are great reasons but let me tell you the truth.  These wines speak for themselves.

Visit the Novelty Hill / Januik tasting room in Woodinville

I love the concrete urban feel to the winery. There are not too many other wineries in Woodinville where you get to peak into the production area and barrel room from the tasting bar.  There is even spaces for large group tastings (hello, Bachelorette Party anyone?!) and event space!  I have yet to go to a wedding here but they were setting up for one on my last visit and it looked so cute.
Miguel Rodriguez Cooking Carne Asada atop grapevines for the crew at Weinbau

There is room for large groups perched above the fermentation room where you can sip and see the tanks the grapes were fermented in.  Or if the sun is calling your name, you can enjoy an afternoon on their patio.  BTW YES, Seattle does get sunny days.

You have to try any of the wines from Weinbau when you Visit.  If you can't make it to Woodinville, do yourself a favor and buy the Weinbau Vineyard Syrah online.  You will be so happy you did.  Plus with a $30 price tag this juice is a great value!  Seriously go get it.  The Weinbau Cabernet Franc pictured above is already sold out!  The Bacchus White Riesling is fabulous as well.  Riesling is such a light, lively and bright wine and it is perfect for summer and that PNW seafood!

Have you tasted around Woodinville?  What are your favorite wineries to visit?  

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday Harvest •Peonies•

Having a little shade in the desert gives the perfect environment for the most lovely peonies.

White, baby pink, fusha
Peonies make anyone look like a florist. I placed my peonies in a vase I received for our wedding and placed them in a sunny corner of our family room.

Peonies beg to be brought into the home. Those beautiful blooms get heavy and eventually fall toward the ground as they open. I choose to bring them into my home. Brightening our home and lives for the upcoming week ❤️

Sping in Napa Valley

Working in the wine industry has perks.  Great wine.  Delectable food pairings.  Did I mention the great wine?  Well, as I planned and packed for a business trip this past winter, we decided two weeks before the trip to do a spontaneous long weekend in Napa.  We dont have kids.  Our car is paid off.  Why not.  Wine-Not.

Classical Music and stately architecture at Opus One.

We logged onto Airbnb, found what looked to be a cute little room for rent in a house.  That is a story I will have to share at another time...

We were walking distance from downtown Napa, hired a driver and made our tasting reservations.  Napa Valley Tours is the best and ask for Tony- his tips for places to stop for lunch or wineries that were on our way that we had time to stop for that he suggested.  Plus Tony let us rock out to T Swift so what is not to love?  Stay posted for spotlights of wineries we visited and our recommendations!

Friday, May 13, 2016

:::Cade Winery:::Tour with a killer view

Cade Winery.  WOW.  The drive up Howell Mountain leaves the Silverado Trail and begins climbing in elevation to the hidden vineyards above.  With only 54 acres, Cade is perched with a beautiful vista to the south.  The tour includes a stroll though their ground which includes cork trees- No, they do not make the corks on site, but it is still interesting to see the trees and imagine the process.  It is also interesting that only half the Cade wines are closed with cork, the other half if all sealed under a twist top.  AND you have to purchase one of each.  

From the vineyard and cork tree grove, our tour group of about 10 people wandered through the fermentation area.  Built to be gravity fed, the area where the magic (wine) is made is dug into the hill.  Like you are standing INSIDE Howell Mountain.  Nothing better than naturally keeping the cellar at optimum temperature!  And that barrel room!

Drool.  Perfectly stacked barrels with their perfect wine stain down the center.  Did you know?  The Cade team actually removes their wine stain touch before selling their used barrels. From the barrel room we went to a long table and tasted through their offerings.  Each wine is paired with a little bit.  I was impressed the Cade team were able to change out the regular menu of small bites for a vegetarian version for me.  Many thanks!  The crackers were handmade by a team member and the fig jam was great with their Cabernets!
 Not only did we love the Cade wines but we also took home some Adaptation, the Plumpjack groups second label.  I highly suggest their Petite Syrah.  Such a great everyday wine ( and much softer on the wallet).  I would suggest Cade to anyone hoping to get away from the crowds and take in great service with a breathtaking view.  I wish we would have had more time to enjoy a glass of wine at the fireplaces tucked into their grounds.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Drink Pink with Two Mountain Rosé

How does one end a week filled with celebration and too many tacos and modelos?

The answer is to slow down. Get your ass in a comfortable deck chair and pop the Rosé. Nothing says relaxation like rosé. Plus you have to follow yesterday's tequila binge with something lady like- right?

Have friends coming over? Rosé pairs with anything. Fish? Rosé. Steaks on the Barbie? Rosé. Fruit and cheese platter? Rosé. Rosé all day.

I am a Two Mountain Winery fanatic and suggest y'all get your hands in their 2015 rosé when it is released Memorial Day Weekend! Chad and I made a trip to Zillah to taste and visit the winery last weekend. It is so welcoming and I was able to snag one of their last bottles of the '14 rosé! This rosé is dry but has a lovely strawberry character. The wine has a dancing acidity and leaves you refreshed. All for only $16. What a steal.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Making Sagemoor Home

Spring has sprung and I have been silent for quite a bit on this little platform. Some big changes were made in 2016! I landed my dream job as a vineyard manager North of Pasco and moved into the house on site!

Harvest Sunrise above Bacchus Vineyard

Living where you work. Working where you live. It is an interesting lifestyle but Chad and I are loving it!  We have rented our first home and are making our new house a home. TV mounted with all wires hidden behind wall? Check. Garden planted? Check. We love our evening walks through the vineyard and orchard.

It is just lovely. A short walk to the river, we have already purchased kayaks and love spending time on the water! The deck on the home is fantastic and I cannot wait to have our friends over for a barbecue!