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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Idea: DIY Coasters

 No Christmas Craft night is complete without theses easy and fun D.I.Y. Coasters!  These are quick and easy, but a great gift for a friend or co-worker!

You will need:
Mod Podge
Paint brush 
Spray Clear Glaze
Cork Tack Sheet

These items can all be found at your local craft store and look for the tile and glaze at the hardware store.

This is a simple project.  It may take 30 minutes of your time.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and lets get to it.  Apply mod podge to the tile in a thin layer.  Cut the paper, I used scrapbook paper, and place it on the tile.  Now apply two thin layers of mod podge to the paper, allowing it to dry in between layers.  Next, spary with the clear glaze, cut and attach the cork and give away!

These will be going to a special someone this holiday season!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gift Idea: DIY Candles

I am one of those people who finds gift giving to be a challenging endeavor.  I love to spend time to find that perfect gift that wont end up cluttering their home.  As I shopped this year, I felt the pull of black Friday and consumerism pulling me in like a moth to the flame.  So what do I do?  Decide to have a DIY

But what to make? My brainstorming went as such: 

I love candles. I know my mother and sister love candles, Pinterest makes candle making look easy. Lets make candles!

Candle Making is a simple process and you can find the ingredients easily online or at your local craft store.  Make sure to use those coupons, craft stores in my area had outrageous prices on soy wax and only sold in small quantities. Links to the Amazon products I used can be seen below.  You will also need wicks, containers and if you would like a scented candle, essential oils. 

I have Amazon Prime and had these on my doorstep two days after ordering! Booya!
I love pinching pennies and found some cute jars and cups at my local second hand store.  6 jars for less than 12 bucks? Awesome!

How To Make Candles
Step 1 Melt The Wax
There are many methods you can use he, I used the Plastic Baggie Method.  Put wax bits into a plastic sandwich baggie and sprinkle your essential oil of choice, or mix a few together, the strength of the fragrance is up to you!  
Meanwhile, have a pot of water heating on the stove.  The water should be hot, but not boiling.  The wax melts at 125 degrees so i simply filled a sandwich bag with the soy wax, held the baggie in the water until the wax became clear liquid then took it out of the water.  Do not leave unattended while heating wax.  It is key to watch the process to be sure the plastic bag doesn't melt.

Step 2 Fill Container & Set Wick
Pour hot wax into container, set wick and let cool!  If you have difficulty placing the wick, allow the candle to cool 3 minutes, the wax on the bottom of the container will be starting to cool and will become tacky and allow the wick to stand as it should.  After the candle is cool trim the wick, wrap with a bow and give!

As you change fragrances, you can simply use a new baggie.  When done, clean up is a breeze.  Dump water, throw away plastic baggie, light candle and open a bottle of wine, you are done and ready for gift giving!!!

What DIY Gifts will you be giving this year?
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