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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Making Sagemoor Home

Spring has sprung and I have been silent for quite a bit on this little platform. Some big changes were made in 2016! I landed my dream job as a vineyard manager North of Pasco and moved into the house on site!

Harvest Sunrise above Bacchus Vineyard

Living where you work. Working where you live. It is an interesting lifestyle but Chad and I are loving it!  We have rented our first home and are making our new house a home. TV mounted with all wires hidden behind wall? Check. Garden planted? Check. We love our evening walks through the vineyard and orchard.

It is just lovely. A short walk to the river, we have already purchased kayaks and love spending time on the water! The deck on the home is fantastic and I cannot wait to have our friends over for a barbecue!