Thursday, April 24, 2014

First Anniversary, A Look Back

Sara Welch Photography 
Easter Sunday marked our one year anniversary.  We dove into the top of our wedding cake that has been living in our freezer for a whole year. It was just a little freezer burned but we got to enjoy it in the sunshine.  And the center of the chocolate cheesecake was pretty darn tasty, even if it has been a year.

Top of our wedding cake... One Year Later
Sara Welch Photography

One whole turn around the sun as a Lybeck and as Chads wife.  And oh what a year it has been.

You can read more about our wedding Here

We spent the year Wine tasting with friend, Cheering on our Cougs, and even made the trek to ABQ for a great southwestern style football weekend, Pep rally included... even if our beloved Cougs lost...

We got to see the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS play at the Clink

We Gardened, and dreamed of our plans for 2014

It is safe to say we are both looking forward to what year number 2 has in store!  And the 60 more after that!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Raised Lettuce Bed

When the sun is shining and the weekend is upon us, there is one thing to do.  Garden!

Full raised bed tutorial after a tour of the fun stuff! The greens inside the bed!
Some serious mixed lettuce
Kale screaming "juice me!!"
Spinach! To be paired with the strawberries for salads all summer long!

With a trip to Home Depot and the purchase of:
            • Two 12' x18"x2" boards
            • 12 Bolts
            • Three 12'x1" PVC pipes
            • Three 2'x1.5" PVC pipes
            • 6 U fittings
Plus the use of One 8'x4"x4" Board that we had on hand
Not having kids (yet), we removed the kiddo play kingdom from the backyard, leaving enough wood for raised beds, our compost area and we are hoping to create shelving within our shed! 
 Up-cycling at its finest!

We were able to make the bed for around $36.
We cut the boards to create 8'x4' beds and made sure to leave enough room for a stool, bucket or even better, a wheelbarrow between beds (and fences)!
Each hoop is 12', to anchor the hoop, cut the large diameter 2' pipe in half and attach with the U fitting.

It was a little bit of work but seeing these greens thrive is pretty awesome! And I must give thanks to my hubby for manning the saw and drill!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Beauty of Spring

Spring is upon us in Washington Wine Country

The birds are chirping,  the temperature is in the 70s and the valley is dusted with beautiful blooming fruit trees.

These lovely apricots are breathtaking against the bright blue sky. Follow me on Instagram @laceylybeck

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In The Garden: Lettuce Bed

April means it is time to start rolling in the garden.
Cleared away are the wind blown tumble weeds and leaves galore.

With our starts going crazy, our to-do lists are shouting "spring!"
Mmmmm, onions!

A few weekends ago, the hubs and I set some goals and were able to transform one area of our garden:
the lettuce bed.

I always wanted my lettuce bed to be in a sitting garden area, a spot to catch some shade in the hot summer months. A spot to munch on the spoils of the garden as we Barbueque. And darn it, I had to have a spot with stepping stones and walkable mosses and plants! What an awesome way to use the brick we have lying around!  And of course what is a lettuce bed without a bed. You know, for the lettuce. And the hubs built quite the bed! 8'x4' this bad boy is sturdy, with PVC pipe hoops to boot! With some plastic sheets added on top, we were able to build a nice little raise bed for under $50 including the soil! 
Our future salads and green smoothies are looking GOOD!

These bad boys got transplanted into it last weekend! With a lot of love and a little bit of Miracle Grow hopefully they will be dinner soon! 

Photos to follow soon, are you doing any garden transformations? Have any advice on growing spinach, kale, or lettuce? I would love to hear from you,